Perinatal Wellness Coalition


Monday September 12, 2016

CALM – 1236 Chapala St. Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101

2 PM - 3:30 PM



The Perinatal Wellness Coalition promotes community collaboration to support families from preconception through early childhood for Santa Barbara County. PWC serves to increase access to perinatal services for mental health and substance use through education, prevention, screening and advocacy.

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Attendees: Sandra Copley Chair, Anna Rodriquez-Sullivan CADA Perinatal, Florene Bednersh SBCEO/CAC, Erika Adler PEP, Kelley Barragan MCAH, Jane Honikman Postpartum Action Institute, Angela Wurtzel, MFT.


1.  Introductions


2.  Reviewed of August Minutes - Approved


3.  Behavioral Wellness Programs – Elisa Gottheil. Cancelled, to be rescheduled.

4.  Role of PWC Chair and Co-Chair - see attached duty statement.  

Duty Statement was accepted.  Sandra Copley will remain Chair.  Kelley Barragan was voted in as Co-Chair.

5. Perinatal Substance Use Event 

Discussion about presenting a panel February, 2016 to reach community outreach workers, nurses, clinicians, hospital social workers and case managers about services available for women that have perinatal substance use issues.  It was suggested that the following organizations be considered/suggested: 

- Santa Barbara CADA Perinatal Services - Anna Rodriguez-Sullivan

- Villa Magella  Kelly Kennedy Exec Director 805-683-2838

- Casa Serena Sandra Mistretta 

- North County Perinatal Substance Programs Sylvia Bernard

- Behavioral Wellness Elisa Gottheil

Time - February, 2016. 1.5 hours for presentation, question and answer, break-out groups and return.  Suggested 2.5-3 hrs.

Place – Buellton Rec Center $20/hr (or) Chumash training classes. 

Financing - Minimal cost.  Grant to First 5.



Anna Rodriguez-Sullivan will check with the Chumash about using their facilities.

Sandra C will follow-up with presenters when we have a date and venue.

6. PEP - discussion of event and PWC interface

PEP Erika Adler – Discussion of information on the following email:

As mentioned in last month's meeting, PEP is working toward numerous events for our 40th Anniversary next year.  One specially worthy of interest from the PWC is the  educational/social outreach event we are interested in bringing together.  We are hoping to bring Melissa Bang and her performance piece Playing Monopoly with God for a few nights of performances at the Center Stage.  Here is some information about her show:




On Facebook:


We would like one of these performances to be reserved for clinicians, providers, and community members.  The idea is to host a roundtable discussion in conjunction with this performance.  Lots of details to discuss but it is is one way we hope to start/continue the conversation relating to Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and help educate and reduce stigma.  I hope that it can be a catalyst to spark conversation and promote collaboration; ultimately improving care for families locally who struggle with postpartum complications.


This undertaking is a large endeavor for our parent volunteers to take on (in addition to our usual calendar of services/events) so we are looking for community partners that not only can assist in the financial costs but also assist with promotion, coordination, etc.  We are honored that the idea of the event seemed a favorable proposition to the active PWC members in attendance at last month's meeting.  We are amidst final planning for our major TAT event being held Sunday, Sept 18 so I will not have any additional information available for the September meeting on Sept 12 but I hope we can continue the conversation.  


PWC has agreed to assist PEP with promotion and outreach for this event.  The event is planned for May, 2017. Sponsorships are needed. Sandra will send email to PWC membership with Erica’s information about this presentation.  Center Stage is the planned venue.  SBCH and First 5 may partake in assisting with funding.


7.  Member Updates

Florene Bednersh shared a flyer on Bridges to Resilience: Connecting Our Community through Trauma-Informed Care, Wed October 12, 2016 at the Santa Ynez Marriot.  Florene will send Sandra the pdf version to share with PWC members.  Florene is the co-chair.  This is sponsored by SELPA, CWS, First 5, Kids Network and Casa Pacifica.


WEB Florene Bednersh discussed First 5 funding changes and the possibility of not funding WEB for 2017-18 and beyond.  First 5 Commission Meeting September 19th.  Florene asked for support with letters or attendance.  The value of WEB services discussed. The Evidence-based program at Duke University by Kenneth Dodge, et al “Universal Postnatal Nurse Home Visitation” is similar to WEB and MCAH services.  Florene is considering developing the evidence-based program.


Angela Wurtzel, MFT presented her support group - From a Pea to a Pumpkin. Her office is at 27 E Victoria St. 805-884-9794.  She has a Private Practice for eating disorders, shopping addiction and pre/postpartum group for women From Pea to a Pumpkin. Psychodynamic.  Mon 1-2:15 and 9-1045.  Sliding Scale group rates.


PEP Erica informed group of the website  that will be launched with a profile for midwives and doulas.  PEP.  PWC –outreach.  Jenna Humphries created this.  Virginia Bobro  who works with traumatic birth recovery is also affiliated.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15

Minutes taken by S Copley