Perinatal Wellness Coalition (PWC)

Duty Statement: Chair and Co-Chair

September 12, 2016 Approved


The Chair and Co-chair positions will be chosen by a majority vote of members attending a designated meeting or have option to vote by email.  A month notice is given to membership. The Chair and Co-chair will hold office for a term of two years.  There are no term limits.


Chair Duties include the following and all are in collaboration with the PWC contributing members. 


  1. Promote the mission of the PWC

  2. Coordinate, guide and develop strategic planning process

  3. Promote PWC goals

  4. Develop and maintain PWC website

  5. Maintain Parent Links Brochures as needed

  6. Maintain State and local information handouts as needed

  7. Assures planning and implementation efforts for annual educational, advocacy and outreach efforts, e.g., topic, venue, advertising, etc.

  8. Secure funding for website, training and outreach

  9. Maintains outreach with local community efforts in perinatal mental health and substance use

  10. Schedule PWC meeting, develop agenda, assure distribution of minutes to members and on PWC website

  11. Distribute relevant information on perinatal mental health and substance use to PWC membership


Co-Chair Duties

  1. Assist with all Chair duties as needed and/or delegated.