JUNE, 2016 M I N U T E S 

Perinatal Wellness Coalition


June 13, 2016



 The Perinatal Wellness Coalition promotes community collaboration to support families from preconception through early childhood in Santa Barbara County. PWC serves to increase access to perinatal services for mental health and substance use through education, prevention, screening and advocacy.


Attendance: Sandra Copley (PHD-MCAH), Deborah Holmes (CALM), Florene Bednersh (WEB/CSEFEL), Barbara Finch (DSS/KIDS Network), Anna Rodriguez (CADA Perinatal Services)


1.)  Introductions

-Sandra Copley - Goal of PWC in the next months is to develop website and a conference or panel regarding perinatal substance use

-Deorah Homes - CALM is experiencing more growth and demand for services in Santa Maria and Lompoc with no increase in budget.  A Postpartum Depression group in SM is currently being developed.

-Kelley Barragan – MCAH Diretor hired.  Scope of Work developed with Perinatal Mental Health and Substance Use as priority areas.  The goal will be to work with OB providers to enhance screening for postpartum depression and perinatal substance use.  Site reviews with OB providers are in process and Parent Links brochure reveiwed and given to all OB providers. 

-Barbara Finch - Children's Scorecard has health sections on prenatal, children 0-5 and children under 18.  The Scorecard will use adverse childhood events as lens to report data. The Scorecard will include family and community and how children are supported.  County socioeconomics will also be included.  Deadline is the end of August, but this may shift to September when schools will have data available for comparison.  

-Note: Jenn Paul, a contributing member of the PWC has been hired as the Clinical Director at New Beginnings!

-Florene Bednersh - WEB presented at the First 5 Commission on WEB successes.  There was a WEB Advisory Board meetng that presented the new strategic pla.  CSEFEL was awarded grants from SB Foundation and First 5.  CSEFEL will train in the Lompoc area.  They are working with licensing regulation and reporting challengin behaviors.  Licensing is now attending Child Care Planing are workin on not citing caregivers when they have a child with challenging behaviors. There will be an ACE conference on October 12, 2016 at the Marriott in Buellton with the target audience being anyone working with children, those affected by mental health and/or trauma and community based organizations that provide services.  SB Foundation is holding a meeting about work done in our community to support families with the goal of inviting donors to fund an early care initiative.

-Anna Rodriguez - Planning an Informational Meeting about Project Recovery Aug 19th.  Anna attended a St Vincent's informational meeting and found not many knew of the services offered by CADA.  Mothers have to be clean and sober for one year to attain St. Vincnt services.  Substance use providers throughout the county are beginning to use Clinicians Gateway Electronic Medical Records.  Family Treatment Drug Court has been successful (2/5 completed).

-Collective Impact Training - Kelley and Florene discussed.  Primarily Behavioral Wellness attended and law enforcement attended.  It was a brief, four hour training.  Good broad overview.  Goal is not clear.  Many of the major leaders of our current community collective impact efforts did not attend or were not invited.


2.)  Review of March Minutes for Approval – approved


3.)  Dignity Health PPD Grant update and discussion

Kelley Barragan is involved with teh PPD Grant planning with DIgnity Health.  There will be a follow-p to the May meeting in September. A Pilot Manager and venfor for IT need to be hired.  DIgnity is compiling data of all of the quesations asked of community members.  This grant project is focusing on postpartum depression, developing an online website for Dignity Health organizations/providers and a training for pediatricians and OBs within Dignity Health to be replicated b other DIgnity Health systems nationally.  The funding does not provide services. Information will be shared with Dignity OB, Pediatricians and community stakeholders, especially in SM, SLO and Lompoc where DIgnity Health provides services.


4.) Website – amiafrench.wix.com/sandra – Update and Discussion

The website was briefly reviewed.  The next meeeting will be aworkgroup meeting to bring ideas and edits.  All members have been asked to review and give input if they cannot attend next month's meeting.  Debora and Jane will have a history outlined.  Jane worked on this previously.  Sandra has a general history that was shared at the State Perinatal Mental Health Conference.

5.)Perinatal Substance Use (and/orPPD) Project Planning.  Goal of PWC is community awareness for services for prenatal and mother of children 0-5 years old.  The focus be providers of perinatal substanc euse services such as County Behavioral Wellness, North Gounty Good Samaratin programs, Villa Majella, CADA Perinatal Services.  Sandra will need contact names for speakers.

Advocacy, outreach and media discussed.

Suggest that Fact Sheets about perinatal substance use and a press kit e.g. include issues such as heroin use increase, will be developed.  

Agenda will be discussed at CAPC and KIDS Network.  Momentum needed by discussing at various county-wide meetings.

6.)  Diginity Health request for North/Mid COunty meeting or videoconferencing.

Sandar will ask Dignity how they see us working together, report on work and share relevant information.  How can we share this informations, join forces?  The current focus is perinatal substance use rather than ppd for the conference.  There is a suggestion that we liaison every few months with a common goal and with mutual agenda items.


Meeting adjourned 3:45PM


Next meeting: Monday July 11,1 2016 CALM 2PM-3:30PM Website Planning - no minutes