Perinatal Wellness Coalition


Monday March 14, 2017

CALM – 1236 Chapala St. Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101

2 PM - 3:30 PM



The Perinatal Wellness Coalition promotes community collaboration to support families from preconception through early childhood for Santa Barbara County. PWC serves to increase access to perinatal services for mental health and substance use through education, prevention, screening and advocacy.

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Attendees: Sandra Copley Chair, Barbara Finch DSS Kids Network, Kelley Barragan MCAH, Jane Honikman Postpartum Action Institute, Florene Bednersh CSEFEL, WEB


  1. Introductions

  2. Review January Minutes

  3. Discussion and review of Perinatal Substance Use Panel evaluations and future PSU education plans

    • Special thanks to Kids Network for the generous contribution to pay for the venue ($617.85).

    • Future venues were discussed e.g., churches in midcounty St Marks and Valley Presbyterian.

    • Thank you to Barb Finch for moderating the panel discussion.

    • 95 participants attended

    • Mostly positive comments with very positive comments about the panel.

    • Participants wanted more information on poly-substance use and a focus on perinatal substance use and concurrent perinatal mental health issues.

    • Future education regarding the legalization of marijuana was discussed.  Areas of concern are the public health concerns to baby, education, safety.  ​A PWC account will be started with the Chair, Co-chair and possibly one member a signatories.

  4. Dignity Health Maternal Mental Health Presentation 1/17/17 update – Kelley and Jane

    • Kelley presented CPSP survey results at the Dignity Health meeting.  Jane discussed PEP.  SLO ALPHA was encouraged and will follow-up with Jane.

  5. Healthy Parent Links – requests for changes

    • Kelley Barragan has volunteered to update the Healthy Parent Links.  Changes discussed.

  6. PWC Website

    • Sandra will continue to update website as needed.

  7. PEP update

    • PEP will do a fundraiser showing ‘Climbing Out of the Darkness’ on perinatal mood disorders.

  8. Member Updates

    • Kelley 

      1. Public Health MCAH is working on developing a pamphlet on perinatal substance use in pregnancy. 

      2. These will be used as resources for field nursing home visits, Obstetrical offices, etc.  The pamphlet will encourage obstetric appointments even when using. 

      3. The MCAH program is currently using a pamphlet on how to care for substance-exposed infants.

      4. MCAH Scope of work is focusing on surveys for OB providers. She has found that 60% of providers offer information and education on a routine basis.

      5. MCAH will work with Dignity Health to train providers.  Dignity Health will also train Promotores.

    • Florene

      1. Florene has worked with the California Collaborative for Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CaCSEFEL) to train for 45 for preschool teachers in Lompoc, Vandenberg, SBCEO -Lompoc SY and Zaca are in process. Five modules.

      2. First 5 has made CSEFEL a budget item. Florene is currently trained as a preschool trainer.  Florene is being trained as a trainer for infant-toddler. 

      3. Florene is retiring from CSEFEL and Guadalupe in June.  Will maintain leadership in WEB.

      4. Welcome Every Baby (WEB) will continue to be funded through First 5 as a one year continuation through June, 2018.  WEB has chosen to be a Durham Connect (WEB Family Connect) evidence-based program.  Funded by SBCH and an anonymous donor.  All nurses (4) will be trained.

    • Jane

      1. Jane presented her curriculum Postpartum Action in West Virginia for preschool teachers on postpartum depression. 

    • Barb

      1. Barb shared activities for Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.