A G E N D A / M I N U T E S 

Perinatal Wellness Coalition


March 7, 2016

CALM – 1236 Chapala St. Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101

2 PM - 3:30 PM



The Perinatal Wellness Coalition promotes community collaboration to support families from preconception through early childhood for Santa Barbara County. PWC serves to increase access to perinatal services for mental health and substance use through education, prevention, screening and advocacy.


Attendees: Sandra Copley Chair, Kelley Barragan MCAH, Florene Bednersh SBCEO, Jane Honikman PAI, Barbara Finch DSS, Deborah Holmes CALM.


1.)  Introductions


2.)  Review of January Minutes for Approval – Approved


3.)  Website:

a. First 5 Capacity Grant – Update and Discussion

-Suggestions for lead agency – CALM and PEP’s Boards have declined accepting this grant for various reasons.  For CALM the problem was with potential liability of having a non-employee reimbursed to lead the coalition.  

- Other suggestions:

1.)  Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center - Carol Castonon. Discussed as a potential source in the future but not at this time.

2.)  WEB – Florene suggested WEB as the fiscal agent if CALM does not accept.

3.)  Kids Network – Barb suggested PWC could potentially be under the umbrella of the Kids Network.  However, since this is a governmental agency there would quite a bit of bureaucracy and overhead.

Action Item Deborah Holmes will ask if chair can be an independent contractor as an employee/consultant; Sandra to resubmit proposal

-Sandra may have a friend that will assist in beginning the process of starting a web design.

-Potential Web design suggestions: Word Press (or) Square Space

b.  Email and Website – website PWC.org to be cancelled.  Domain address URL will change to – PWCofSB.org.  Google gmail name for all PWC correspondence will be: pwcofsb@gmail.com Google Docs is suggested to maintain files.  All approved.

Action Item Erika (and Sandra) will work on an email and new domain, member list and contributing member list.  Sandra will send an email to determine general members vs. contributing members


4.)  Perinatal Substance Use – project planning.  Not discussed


5.)  Marian Medical Center grant overview  Dignity Health/Marian Hospital have been approved for a federal grant for “Postpartum Depression:  The Two-Generation Solution” with the vision to make PPD as much of the public conversation as breast cancer has become. The expectation is to disseminate this two-generation solution of engaging pediatricians in screening new mothers and referring those at risk for treatment throughout the Dignity Health system, and to offer a toolkit to other health systems.  The lead agency is Marian Medical Center.


The proposed plan is to develop collaborative partnerships and implement education screening and data sharing. Collaborative efforts include SBCEO Promotores, MCAH Field Nursing and Behavioral Wellness.  These efforts will include convening 7 stakeholder meetings, map existing community resources, develop and refine a community action plan, determine a common PPD screening tool, establish policies and procedures for sharing health IT information among community partners and ongoing evaluation. Implementation will include creation of a curriculum and training for Promotoras; outreach, assessment and education of low income new mothers; training providers at Dignity Health hospital and clinics; share and analyze data, address obstacles with IT, referral resource, workflow training and ongoing evaluation.


Discussion of PWC interface with Dignity Health Marian Regional Center

-CALM doing PPD screening through WEB. Marian home visits include handoff to CALM and one month screening for PPD. Suggested CALM be included as a primary stakeholder.

-FRC’s do postpartum screening.  SM Bonita, Guadalupe, Los Alamos (PHP), Cuyama, Alpha Resource Center have North County clients.  Are they included in this proposal?

MCAH has a health indicator status and five year plan for Perinatal Mental Health.  Will they include this data?

PWC should share the Healthy Parent brochures, Dr. Lara’s work and the peer learning community.


Action – Sandra will send an email to invite Marian representative for an overview and discussion of how we can work with them for May meeting.


1.)  Member Updates


Deborah – CALM – SM Bonita First 5 grant has CALM as a subcontractor CALM in North County.  Espy isdoing visits to every Indiginous family as a priority. Deborah will attend the Children’s Regional Meeting on child behavioral health.  CALM continue PPD ongoing group – 6 week session English; Women’s Empowerment Spanish.  Both will continue. Mental Health Fair in May at SBCH.  March is Social Worker Awareness month.  There will be a symposium on March 23rd about Child Abuse Neglect and Endangerment at SBCH.  Heather Race, CWS will be involved. SBCH would like to raise awareness on suspected child abuse and neglect as a multidisciplinary approach integrating physical and mental health.


Jane – Spoke to Elizabeth Majestic. Jane suggested including perinatal mental health in SBCH goals. Monica Ray is the Community Health Representative for SBCH as well as the liaison for WEB Adult and Aging and Kids Network.


Florene – Florene and Maria Fisk are connected with E. Majestic through the THRIVE community.  All of THRIVE leaders attended a data class at Stanford. Maria’s husband works for Sansum and is trying to link with SBCH public helath.  They also had a meeting with Dr Wada (PHD), Alice Gleghorn (Behavioral Wellness) and Teressa Johnns (First 5) – to increase awareness of FRC goals and activities. Thrive will present to the First 5 Commission on FRCs. Behavioral Wellness and PHD is setting up a Collective Impact Conference. Sonoma County to present on new Collective Impact model. The concern was that PHD and Behavioral Wellness were not aware of the collective impact work done in our community.


Erika – Liz Bravo to speak on PPD groups. April 11, 2016.  Inforamation forthcoming.

PSI conference in SD July 24th and 25th Hilton San Diego.  Jenn giving a session on Trauma. Will send Primeros Pasos – flyer.  Online social support through FB sbpepesp but no madre a madre meetings at this time. SB Foundation grant written to support Spanish services and contract with FSA with volunteer peer-to-peer model.  Liliana Hernandez director for Spanish services.  Latino Leaders – moms involved? Want to reach out to inclusivity, adoption lgbt foster single.


Barbara – Discussed upcoming Score Card Info-graphic, data highlights and links.  Focus of Scorecard is a county-wide report on child well-being.  Family and community is the foundation for child well-being. Heath, Safety, Education, Family and Community. Adverse Childhood Events incorporated.  Next month is Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Next meeting: Monday April 11, 2016 CALM 2PM-3:30PM – Deborah Holmes will Chair.