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Perinatal Wellness Coalition


January 11, 2016



 The Perinatal Wellness Coalition promotes community collaboration to support families from preconception through early childhood in Santa Barbara County. PWC serves to increase access to perinatal services for mental health and substance use through education, prevention, screening and advocacy.


Attendance: Sandra Copley (PHD-MCAH), Jenn Paul MFT,  Erica Adler (PEP), Florene Bednersh (SBCEO/CAC), Barbara Finch (DSS), Deborah Holmes (CALM), Carol Castonon (NTNC)


1.)  Introductions

-Jenn Paul – no longer on PEP Board.  Jenn is on advisory board and representing NTNC and her private practice.

-Carol Castonon – visitng from the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center (NTNC)

-Kelley Barragan – will represent MCAH when Sandra C. retires.  Her role in MCAH is as Perinatal Services and --MCAH Coordinator, SIDS Coordinator

-Erica Adler – PEP Chair.  Alison Fore is Vice Chair and will also represent PEP.

-Deborah – ADMHS reviewing contracts for MHSA funding for prenatal to 5. CALM is hoping for more funding for Great Beginnings home visitation program.  CALM is launching a mommies/babies group.


2.)  Review of November Minutes for Approval – approved


3.)  Website – First 5 Capacity Grant – Update and Discussion

a.  PWC needs a lead agency for fiscal management – needs to be government or non-profit.

b.  First 5 suggested PEP. Indirect cost capped at 15% for First 5.

c.  PEP needs Board approval – liability, risk, mission – Erica can take pulse, can’t get approval until the first week of Feb.      PEP is not an employer and they want to keep it that way. Erica has also been meeting with SB Foundation & Social         Venture Partners. PEP is looking at Spanish services – this is what SVP/ SBF are interested in. Primeros Pasos – Baby         Basic Class.

d.  Erica suggested looking @ membership in state/ natural groups (PSI, 2020 Mom, etc.) as part of the grant.

e.  Sandra C has written a grant proposal.  Florene reviewed and agreed this is what First 5 is looking for. (attached               draft).

f.  Email for website have been reserved: www.pwcsb.org – website. PWCinsb@gmail.com, PWCofsb@gmail.com

Action – await PEP board approval for grant process or find another lead agency


4.)  Nan Tolbert from NTNC – based in Ojai

      Services include 0-3 Peer support play group psycho education, home visiting – 3mo. NTNC offers non-clinical services,               community events and website partnering with Hand-in-Hand in Palo Alto. The clientele is socio-economically diverse and       no one turned away. Funding is diverse. Non insurance is accepteped because it is a practicum site for MFT’s. Parents                 observe at the center-parents.  NTNC would like a relationship with SB CALM. Tailor their program to baby needs, parent           needs, what family relationships need. 140 individuals are seen each week. They attend the Perinatal Task Force in Ventura       and offer workshops for professional organizations. NTNC would like to have a satellite in SB and begin with                                 psychotherapy available.  SB site would be an intern site with a focus on families with children 0-12 months. Jenn is                     partnering with center as a therapist and preceptor. 


Next meeting: Monday March 7, 2016 CALM 2PM-3:30PM