Perinatal Wellness Coalition


Monday August 8, 2016

CALM – 1236 Chapala St. Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101

2 PM - 3:30 PM



The Perinatal Wellness Coalition promotes community collaboration to support families from preconception through early childhood for Santa Barbara County. PWC serves to increase access to perinatal services for mental health and substance use through education, prevention, screening and advocacy.


Attendees: Sandra Copley chair, Elisa Gottheil Behavioral Wellness, Erika Adler PEP, Kelley Barragan MCAH, Ed Tran MCAH, Deborah Holmes CALM, Liz Bravo CALM, Jane Honikman Postpartum Action Institute


1. Introductions


2. Review of June Minutes for Approval


3. SBC PHD Community Assessment Presentation

Michelle Wehmer Epidemiologist reviewed the Community Health Assessment for Santa Barbara County.  Michelle, Susan Klein-Rothschild and Ellen Willis-Conger developed this assessment with a minimal budget.  Rose Davis assisted with editing and presentation.


  • Healthy Eating and Active Living a Priority

  • Mental Healthcare

  • Safe Housing

Other Data

  • Serious Health Conditions – unintentional falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries; Cancer leading cause of death; Past two years, lung cancer most frequent cause of cancer death


  • STI significantly rising

  • Majority of chlamydia are diagnosed in the female population

  • Gonorrhea primarily in male population

  • Syphilis cases went from 9-35 in males

Maternal Child

  • Uses birth certificate data

  • Rate of low birth weight babies is decreasing as is the rate of births to teenage mothers and premature

  • PNC begun in first trimester is one of the highest rates among similar California

  • Breastfeeding rates are high, particularly when compared with other WIC programs in California

Death Data, etc.

Find the Community Health Assessment on the PHD website

Contact Michelle Wehmer, SBCPHD Epidemiologist for further information at 805-681-4750

4. Website  

  • Published

  • DSS to assist in obtaining photos

  • Info on CBO’s, private practitioners

  • Additional input for website

  • Advertising – Erika and Sandra will discuss press release, publicizing and implementation

  • Cost – Sandra will discuss funding with MCAH

5. CALM Postpartum Groups and Great Beginning Intake – Liz Bravo

​Intake Role

  • Liz has the intake role for Great Beginning clients

  • There is a wait list at this time.

  • Liz offered a Mommies and Babies Circle for women wanting services for perinatal mental health issues (8 week program).  This group may begin in the fall.  Erika from PEP stated that PEP can assist with sending referrals through their PEP Warmline. Many women with PPD and local south county provider offices suggest using the PEP Warmline.

  • CALM would like to offer childcare for this class. Erika and Liz will contact each other.

Women’s Empowerment Group in Spanish

  • Drop in groups on Tuesday at South County CALM from 11AM-1PM

  • 8-14 clients attend on a weekly basis

  • This group allows other services to be available, e.g., PCIT (Parent Child Interactive Therapy) and home visitation

  • Santa Maria has started a PPD group in Spanish.  Violeta is the lead for this.  Deborah will give PWC information on this

Therapist for children and parents

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is used with moms with depression as well as attachment therapy, especially for trauma and abandonment issues

  • Use Safe Care principles from this Evidence Based Practice that includes psycho- education in the home about health safety and parent child interaction

  • Psychotherapy and PCIT is available at CALM


Perinatal Substance Use (and/or PPD) – project planning –

  • Discussed topics such as the diagnosis of Autism for children exposed to alcohol

  • DSM 5 – FASD is in the autism spectrum while ICD 10 has a diagnosis tor FAS

  • To be discussed further at next meeting and include definitive topic, speaker, time frame, location and advertising


6. Member Updates

Jane – Discussed ‘Google Surveys’ for Website search engine optimization.  Erika recommends that PWC be a nonprofit. Shared information that there is a new book on the relationship between depression and what you eat/gastric health. Jane's website for Postpartum Action Institute is


Erika – PEP update: 

Education and Peer Support. 

New Parent Discussion Group. 

Warmline staffed by volunteer. 

PEP is the coordinator for PSI. 

Will offer Baby Basics/Primeros Pasos in Spanish in September.  Working on a Social Network on line.  PEP has a panel of volunteers with PPD that are meeting in two month session as part of the new mom program.

Postpartum outreach service – call parents one to two weeks before due date.  1000 families/year. Touch a Truck is coming soon.  Free tickets available to families that can’t afford this.

PEP celebrating 40th anniversary next year.  Events are being planned.  Want to set up events such as a performance piece ‘Playing Monopoly with God’. 

Developing a roundtable event in May at the Center Stage that will be inclusive of PWC.


Elisa – Behavioral Wellness.  Autism has a similar presentation as FASD diagnosis. Many children may be diagnosed with Autism that truly have FAS.  Treatment is offered at the Autism Center at UCSB and is similar to treatment of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder. SAMSHA funded FASD since 2007.  There are new treatments being developed. 

New cutting edge of substance abuse treatment is not using traditional treatment centers. Treatment as a community, supportive experience

Presentation on Perinatal Substance Use.


Deborah – Discussed Podcast on NPR about heroin addiction aNd the bias in the field on this addiction